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The most advanced instrumentation for flash point verification.
Simple to operate, the Rapid Tester is ideal for routine flash point

Rapid Tester:

 - Quality AssuranceVerify the formulation of liquid
products with flammable ingredients.

- Compliance TestingOften required by regulatory agencies before transport or disposal of liquids..

 - Fuel DilutionDetermine the relative percentage
of fuel in engine crank case oil toforecast the need for engine

 Digital AccuracyAchieve the high level of digital performance offered only by the Rapid Testerhas 1/2" characters for ease of reading
and is switch selectable between degrees Fahrenheit and Centigrade. A
thermometer traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology is also included.

Unique set-a-temp circuitry permits simple adjustment and precise automatic
regulation of test temperatures. Depress the Preset switch while turning the
Temperature Control knob until the target temperature is displayed. Release the switch and set-a-temp takes over! Test cup temperature is automatically shown on the digital LCD display.®. The high contrast LCD display.

Rapid Tester® is a registered trademark of ERDCO Engineering Corporation